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The Township of Derry (also known as Hershey), population 21,273 year-round, and up to 80,000 during the summer, is located approximately 10 miles East of the Pennsylvania State Capitol and is the birthplace of the late Milton S. Hershey, the famous creator of HERSHEY'S CHOCOLATE. Derry Township spans 27.3 square miles and is a mixed community of a fast growing suburban area, medicine (Penn State University College of Medicine), industry (two major candy factories), tourism (Hersheypark, Entertainment Venues, and Hotels), and is home to the nation's largest private K-12 boarding school with enrollment at approx 1,800 students; the Milton Hershey School.  The HVFD also provides first due coverage to the rural Conewago Township (Approx. 3,000 population spanning 16.7 miles).

The Hershey Volunteer Fire Department has been serving Derry Township and the surrounding communities with fire & rescue protection with 100% volunteer professionalism since 1905. If you are in town, we welcome you to stop by our Firehouse located at 21 W. Caracas Avenue, just off the Square. Please remember that we are a 100% Volunteer Company and there might not be anyone at the station. Please call ahead at 717-533-2953 to see if anyone is there.

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