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There are many benefits including helping your community, being part of our family, insurance, training, top quality exercise equipment, concerts and picnics. The Hershey Volunteer Fire Company is the busiest all-volunteer department in Dauphin County, answering approximately 900 calls a year for service. We are also very involved in Fire Prevention year-round, as well as other public outreach events.

There are many various jobs within the fire company and even little jobs provide a big benefit. Everyone receives appropriate safety equipment and training at no cost. Call us to schedule a tour of the station and to talk to a member of the crew. There is NO PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE required to join, as training will be provided to you and paid for by the Department.


Job Descriptions

FIREFIGHTE​R: Must be 18 years or older and in good health. Firefighters are the ones to answer the call for help, putting out fires and performing rescues. Carrying hoses, climbing ladders and operating equipment are many of the jobs you will do. Training is a very important aspect of firefighting. We will provide weekly training with the station as well as sending you to training classes at local fire schools; at no cost to you.

Ready to start? Follow the link to our membership application. Once filed, our membership committee will contact you:



DRIVER: Must be 21 years of age or older and in good health. Must possess a valid Pennsylvania driver’s license. All drivers must be a member of the Hershey Volunteer Fire Company for 1 year prior to starting driver training. Drivers are needed to safely get emergency equipment and firefighters to the scene. Once on location, drivers operate a variety of pumps, generators, lights and tools to support the emergency work. Driver training will be provided and you will have to pass several tests in order to be qualified to drive.



FIRE POLICE: Must be 18 yeas or older. Your own transportation is helpful. Fire Police provide safety and security to the fire crews. Fire Police direct traffic around the emergency scene, assist motorists and provide crowed control. Fire Police are sometimes called to assist the Derry Township Police Department with traffic control for various reasons. Good public relation skills are a MUST.


JUNIOR FIREFIGHTERS: Must be 14 to 17 years of age and have a valid work permit. Must maintain "C’s" or better in ALL school subjects. Junior members are firefighters in training. Learning is the primary responsibility of junior firefighters. Junior members provide support during emergencies such as accountability and bringing equipment where it is needed. Supervision is provided at all times. Child labor laws limit the types of tasks a junior can perform, but with training and age, the number of jobs a junior can do increases. Available positions are limited. See the complete junior program guide.

Junior Firefighter Program Guide:

Download the Junior Firefighter application: Download Junior Firefighter Application Here




SUPPORT MEMBER: Not everyone has to run into a burning building to be helpful. In fact, the majority of the work required in the fire service is ensuring that we are ready to respond when the call comes in. Use your skills and talents to help us behind the scenes. You can help by entering reports into the database, servicing equipment, cleaning equipment and the station, seeking donations, writing news stories, giving tours and teaching fire safety. Web page designers, mechanics, custodians, grant writers and fire safety presenters are just a few jobs needed. If you have a talent not listed above, we could still use your help. (Support members do not have voting rights at company meetings.)



Frequently Asked Questions


How does the application process work?  Once you submit your application by email or in person at the Station, your name will need to be read at a Fire Company Meeting. We have our meetings on the 1st Tuesday of every month, unless there are circumstances which the meeting must be moved. Your name will be read into our meeting minutes as having interest. After this time, you will be contacted by the Membership Committee to set up a date for an interview with the Committee, where you can ask questions and important information is discussed. During the time following your name being read, you are welcome to participate in our Weekly Company Training every Monday at 6:15pm. The following meeting after your name is read, you will be voted on by the membership after recommendation from the Membership Committee. Once approved, you'll be issued gear and a pager and become a member!


Do I need to have prior experience to join? You do not need to have any experience to join our organization. All training will be paid for by the department in return for your service to the community we protect!


Do I need to be there certain number of hours a week? As a volunteer organization, there is no requirement for certain hours a week to be there, however you must complete 100 hours a year and 20% of calls in order to have voting right and be "active". You will be issued a pager when we have a call, and if you are available to respond to station, then please come in. After your 6 month probation period, there are certain requirements in order to be considered an "Active Member" and be eligible to vote...those are defined in our Bylaws and Standard Operating Guidelines and Procedures. 


What's the best way to learn everything? Once you are a member, you will be issued a Key-less Access "Fob" which will grant you access to the Fire Station. It is very important to understand and know where everything is located on our Apparatus. The most important thing is to ASK FOR HELP from a senior member at the Firehouse. All of our members are always willing to help you learn. Feel free to exchange contact information with members and set up times to come in and get a tour and start learning everything. During your probationary period, the Training Officer will assist you  in scheduling your classes...they consist of four modules and are located at area community colleges. During these classes you will learn what it takes to be a Firefighter, and learn key skills that will ensure your success.


Is there a specific time I must be a member for? No, there is no contract or promise of giving a certain length of membership. However, once you join the family, you won't want to leave. But we understand that life changes, and situations change. If you need to leave the area or don't wish to continue your membership, you are free to leave upon returning all fire company property.


Do I have to live in Hershey? Members need to reside or work in Derry Township. If you work but don't live in the township, you must be allowed to occasionally leave for Emergency Calls to be elegible. As we are an Emergency organization, prompt response from our members is crucial to our success and ability to respond in a timely manner. There might be certain exceptions made for Associate Members. This is something you should discuss at your interview with the Membership Committee. 







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