Fire Education Programs
Having Fun With Fire Safety
Teachers, Parents, and Child Care Professionals. Here's a great way to keep the kids busy while indoors and also to learn all about fire safety. Download this coloring book and have have a great time learning together.

Fire Education Programs


Thank you for your interest in our Fire Education and Prevention Programs. These programs are offered year round through our Fire Prevention Team, not just in certain months. Below you will find a description of the programs we offer. Please note these can be catered to your specific needs, just contact us for details. To schedule a class, please use the form on the bottom of the page.

Contact Information: If you would like to schedule a class, please use the form at the bottom of the page. Phone calls requesting classes to be set up will not be honored, and you will be redirected to this website. If you have any questions that are not answered on this website, please email David Sassaman at and I will be happy to answer your questions.



[Adult] Fire Safety at Workplace with Fire Extinguisher Demo

This program is designed for work place environments and focuses on what staff can do to prevent fires, and how to react to fires and other emergencies. The program lasts about one hour, depending on the amount of students. In this program, a slideshow is presented to the students detailing the common causes of fires, fire prevention tips, and how to use an extinguisher. Using our state of the art Fire Extinguisher Trainer, students will have an opportunity to put out a simulated fire.

[Family] Fire Safety at Hershey Fire Department

This program requires a minimum of 10 children. The program will start with the children gathering at the Fire House. In a 30 minute session, children are taught how to use 911 for Emergencies, how to check smoke detectors, checking the door for heat, stop drop and roll, crawling on the floor of there is smoke, and other common fire safety tips. Our team is trained to teach this class to adjust to the age of the children so that they understand the topics covered. After the teaching portion, we will play "Dress the Fireman" where children get to experience what a Firefighter is like when all dressed up, and how they should not be afraid of them. Following this, we will take a tour upstairs so children will get to see the Fire Engines and Fire Trucks. Adults are encouraged to attend and are welcome!

[Child] Fire Safety at Schools with or without Smoke Trailer

In this program, we will come to your school and teach our class session in your environment! This program will teach children common fire safety tips, and other common fire safety topics that are too broad to cover in a paragraph. If you request, we will also bring an Engine or the Smoke Trailer so that children can go through our "Smoke House" where they will have the exciting opportunity to point out unsafe objects, and experience how to crawl through smoke with a simulated fog machine.

[Fire Departments] Trailer Requests

Our Fire Prevention trailer is perfect for any fire prevention event or any fair. In our trailer, kids and adults get to point out dangerous behaviors in the kitchen and the household, and they are explained why things are dangerous. There is also a built in fog machine that pumps "smoke" from the ceiling so kids can crawl out the back of the the trailer. The trailer also has a heated door so participants get to experience feeling the door before opening anything. Our Fire Prevention Team will drop off the trailer at your location and teach your staff how to operate the trailer. If there is adequate staffing, we can also help with the event by providing staffing. Please contact us to schedule the trailer. Please note, our trailer is reserved multiple days of the year for our own use, and also by other departments. The sooner you call, the better chance of it being available.

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